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The Company

Canteens are neither fast food corners nor easy catering solutions. Nested to unique environments canteens are there to serve special needs for special people: students and teachers at the school, employees and citizens at the public services, patients and their escorts at the hospitals, travelers and tourists departing back home or arriving to live their myth in Greece.

In 2001, a small team of entrepreneurs and partners shared a common vision for a radical transformation in the sector. This understanding gave birth to a new canteen management brand with the objective to bring together service with good taste and quality with politeness, so that to fulfill the ultimate goal: Total Quality.

Despite the hostile economic context, today mi Cafetal is here to prove the pathos of this continuing effort, an effort with determined priorities and values: contribution, safety, quality, long term relationships. Beginning in 1996 the company entered in the market under the brand “Nikolaos Michos”. In a very short time period the rapid development of the enterprise resulted two more brands, both in the canteen management sector: ‘’Nikolaos Michos & Co LP’’ in 2001 and ‘’Michos Nik. & Co LP’’ in 2005.
Today both companies operate under the common brand “mi Cafetal”, managing 24 canteens throughout Greece, under the supervision of their founder Mr. Nikolaos Michos.


With the advantage of our rich experience in setting-up and managing canteens in ‘’closed market’’ environments we soon aspire to go a step farther, bringing mi Cafetal to the epicenter of the food and beverages services market.

In order to fulfill our goal we ensure high standards relationships with our collaborators, partners and suppliers, while we strengthen our status among our satisfied customers.

Environment Aesthetic

Rather a unique brand than simply a canteen management company, mi Cafetal introduces a new philosophy in the market. For this reason we pursuit to create an integrated identity, so that to reflect the general perception of the company, which wants quality to be aligned in a single axis: space – product – service. In our stores, incomparable aesthetic and modern design meets neat and polite employees, a combination which creates significant goodwill in favor of our customers.

Corporate Identity

Logo and corporate identity design inspired by the Spanish word Cafetal: coffee plantation. With the illustrated compilation of a cup of coffee and a plantation, distinguished through cleanly visible forms, we created a recognizable trademark,which is going to operate as a milestone of safety, quality and trust.

The mi Cafetal logo – trademark is registered throughout European Union to the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).

In 2019 our company gave life to projects such as Mini Meal, Greco Corner, mi Cafetal Bakery and Greco Street tracing new horizons on mi Cafetal’s path.

Greco street waits for you to enjoy Mediterranean dishes and various local products carefully selected for unique top-quality cuisine. In a place of unparalleled aesthetics we guarantee the enjoyment of your meal!

The Mini Meal, a concept based on the British culture, offers draft beer, special burgers, pizza, soft drinks and, of course 100% Arabica coffee.

Greco Corner, a high aesthetic space, offers you delightful coffee from selected 100% Arabica varieties. Pure Greek products make up the sandwiches and pastries we chose for you!

MiCafetal Bakery in a contemporary design space offers delicious coffee, a variety of sandwiches, pastries, juices and refreshments.