Principle and commitment

of «mi Cafetal» company

is to provide customers products that fully meet their contractual requirements (including potential vulnerable consumers), comply with the relevant laws and regulatory requirements (including the recommendations of the competent authorities) and achieve the objectives set by the company regarding the safety and quality of products to the consumer.

we choose responsibly

our foodstuffs, ingredients and our packaging materials

while we keep records of standards and certificates of suppliers. We make sure the conditions of production, storage and apposition of our products conform to the rules of international practice of food safety.
We invest in informing and training of our human staff,

while providing all the necessary resources to maintain application and continuous improvement of the Quality System and Food Safety, ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 22000: 2005, in according to which the “mi Cafetal” ensures that all stages of the production process are under the control of the requirements laid down by European and National Legislation.

The food safety management Systems

ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 22000: 2005

as a tool for risk assessment, identification of critical points and the establishment of a preventive control system and safety of the final products by demonstrating the respect for the principles of protection of environment.

The Specific Assurance Group Quality & Safety of Products of our company in cooperation with external advisors of food safety have the responsibility of monitoring, coordination and the full implementation and verification of the Quality system and are available for any information requested.