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Our Products

In our canteens we offer coffee, beverages, soft drinks, sandwiches, snacks, pies, baked goods, small meals, pastries, muffins, donuts, chocolates and a broad variety of novelties. Furthermore, in our airport nested canteens we proudly offer local traditional goods.

Having deep knowledge and accounting the demands of the market, we implement a sophisticated management system for our canteens, depending to their surrounding space (hospitals, airports, etc).

As a result, we manage to operate directly, effectively and targeted, succeeding smooth logistics. Within this framework we expand the range of the products that we offer, adding parapharmacie goods

to our hospital nested canteens (diapers, bed pads, antiseptics, personal hygiene items, etc), as an effort to further upgrade our services to patients, as well as to their escorts and visitors.

Apart from the benefits derived form the standardization and automation, this ad hoc approach allows the implementation of an integrated training system for our employees, oriented to the needs of

the customers of each canteen separately (e.g. airport nested canteens are manned with English-speaking employees, in order to better serve foreign visitors).